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M&A transactions have recently been playing an increasingly important role in business development. Upcoming company successions, structural adjustments in highly competitive sectors, consistent internationalization and new forms of competition are the triggers of M&A. We offer a holistic consulting approach and professional management of the M&A process, which ensures the highest level of transparency at all stages.

In theory, a transaction can be roughly divided into three phases: pre-merger phase, due-diligence phase and post-merger-integration phase.

Pre-merger phase

  • Investment Consulting and development of a suitable investment strategy
  • Investigation and identification of potential investment goals

Due-diligence phase

  • due diligence
  • transaction structuring
  • Negotiation, agreement and signature

Post-merger-integration phase (PMI phase)

  • Development of a clear and holistic strategic objective
  • Building the new business organization and its future functionality
  • Analysis of the integration priorities of corporate cultures as well as internal and external risk factors
  • Support in the context of the transition and integration process