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Currently there are 25 experts in Europe available.

Chiway Europe is your partner for business management consulting and education. Our team works with professional partners to provide optimum consulting services and solutions. Our customers are Chinese enterprises with business or expansion plans in Europe, as well as German enterprises with business or development plans in China.

Our employees and experts are specialized in management consulting, M&A-Projects, SAP Consultancy, IT integrated services, telecommunication, power technology and equipment services.

Our services are directed at Chinese companies with economic interest or plans of expansion on the European markets as well as to German companies seeking for assistance or partnership on the Chinese market.

Our team combines professional competencies with an in-depth understanding of both cultures (German and Chinese) and intercultural competency. Our skills as well as the strong integration of our partners, enable us to provide individually tailored high quality services to bring about success in your projects.


Chiway Europe the power of focussed business

We are a multicultural team of experts in Business, Law and Engineering, in the context of Sino-German Business.

The largest part of our customers are Chinese companies and German Companies, who seek support to professionally operate in and with the other country.

Our team will gladly consult and serve you to successfully master all occurring challenges.

The first syllable “Chi” originates from the Chinese character 才. The character expresses the good that extends through wise actions.

In the context of the Sino-German relationships there are a lot of similarities, as well as a manifold of differences in the “way” of interacting and doing business.

Chiway strives to provide intelligent, holistic and forward-looking solutions and build a basis of trust through honesty and professionalism.

Chiway is one of the few companies, that consults and supports customers on both markets. They profit from our years of interdisciplinary working experience and our strong global network. We offer our Customers a holistic package of services tailored to your individual needs and Ideas.

Our four core values

align with our most basic concept of “wise action”. We believe that these core values form a solid foundation upon which strong bridges between cultures can be built.


Honesty, in our eyes, is the basis of a trustful relationship. It can create positive and efficient working environment, as well as a genuine human and economic added value on both ends.

Intercultural Understanding

An in-depth understanding of the culture and the background of the other party, especially in an trans- and intercultural environment, is a door opener. It facilitates and accelerates processes and helps to identify possible risks in an early stage of the project.

Interdisciplinary Intelligence

For the successful implementation of inter- and transcultural projects an interdisciplinary approach is essential.

Our consultants are experts in business, law and engineering with an additional specialization on the German-Chinese economic relationship who have worked and lived in both countries. Our Interdisciplinary, holistic approach enables you to master all cultural and structural obstacles, during all phases of the project to efficiently realize your goals.


Only a behavior of true integrity gives meaning to the values above. Because we live these values, not just in words but also in deeds, our network and customer base grow steadily. Alongside this development, our company ́s partners have further integrated themselves in our company’s processes and thus have broadened our range of services to offer you exactly the services you need.