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Vocational training is developed jointly by vocational schools and companies, adopted by the dual education system in Germany, and it trains trainees theoretically and practically. Theoretical learning takes place in the school, while practical experience will be gained directly in the company.

The trainees should be enabled to apply the learned theoretical knowledge in their specific work environment. All professional training courses have been certified by China and Germany.

Job Application Training

  • For job seekers in China
  • For job seekers in Germany
  • New regulations for employees

Business-Management Training

a. Negotiation

  • Initiation of business and contract negotiation in Germany and China
  • Formulation and review of confidentiality agreements for corporate mergers and acquisitions

b. Contract Law

  • Overview of the German contract law
  • Applications and Limitations of the general terms and conditions

c. Labor Law

  • Employment protection legislation in Germany
  • Confidentiality Agreement in the Labor Contract
  • Overview of the German Labor Law
  • Basic knowledge for the conclusion of a German employment contract

d. Management Liability

  • Liability rules for management
  • Civil and criminal liability cases and how to avoid them

e. Investment and M&A

  • Overview of Chinese M&A activities in Germany
  • M&A processes and precautions
  • Due Diligence for Finance, Tax & Law
  • Negotiations and drafting of the acquisition contract
  • Common challenges and measures in the Post-Merger-Integration process