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Human resources

Executive Search

Highly qualified personnel are one of the most important factors in the success of corporate governance. Chiway Europe therefore offers German and Chinese companies recruiting services to recruit highly qualified technicians and managers. The selection process is based on our company analysis, with special focus on the company culture of our customers. Our Customers are mostly classified in Industries such as Mechanical Engineering, Car Construction, IT, Finance and Chemistry.

  • Chiway Europe offers tailor-made solutions based on honesty, trust and confidentiality.
  • Experience from hundreds of accomplished projects across various industries.
  • Impressive track record of senior management placements.
  • Strong candidate network in Europe and Asia.
  • High cultural awareness and sensitivity needed for superregional assignments.

Personnel services

Based on our specialist knowledge and our many years of experience in the field of personnel management, we offer you the opportunity to outsource your personnel management to your needs. Our services cover the entire value chain of personnel management:

Personnel management and personnel development are the foundations of all HR processes. Here, the collection and processing of various information and data must guarantee precision. These then can serve the management level in their decision-making process about your personnel. Supported by an advanced and powerful IT system, Chiway Europe Personnel Services can assist you in all important and time-consuming HR processes.

The calculation of payroll tax and social security contributions is becoming more complicated by the day. Due to the regularly changing legal regulations, that can be a great challenge. Mistakes in the calculation lead not only to financial difficulties on the part of the employees, but also to dissatisfaction. Our professional bookkeeping provides you with a fast, accurate payroll accounting service according to German standards in order to support you professionally.

Choosing qualified personnel for the right job and the right team is critical to the success of a business. Any inappropriate employee can cost the company large sums. Chiway can help you to optimize your recruiting process, take on processes, and run candidate management to find the best and most suitable candidate for your business.

Personnel development is the source of business development and at the same time a responsibility of the company. Personnel development can be implemented through focused training and development plans. We build on our many years of technical and industrial knowledge und according to the actual and future development requirements of your company in order to work hand in hand with you to create a personnel development concept and to manage its implementation.